Play with Confidence

We help women focus on the mental game, manage team dynamics, and develop a game plan tailored to your specific level. 


Tennis should be your Happy Place

Life is too short - League Tennis shouldn't suck!  Tennis is a game and a social activity women choose to do for FUN.  Yet too often the tennis diva "drama" leaves players feeling frustrated and unable to play their best when it counts. 

Meet Glam & Slam

No one knows the women’s game better than we do. And your passion is infectious to us – it’s the fuel we run on! We are inspired by any player who truly strives to get better, even if they never win a national championship, a gold ball or make the 4.5 or 5.0 level.

Are You Struggling to Play Well with Different Partners in EVERY Match?

Discover how to play your best tennis with ANY doubles partner.  We show you the 4 powerful yet simple steps to instant on-court confidence.




The Academy

The country's only All Women Tennis Academy! Enjoy three and a half days dedicated to YOUR game. We help you develop your mental game and develop a doubles game plan tailored to your specific level, with strategies for how to play well with all sorts of partners and against a variety of opponents.


Live Clinics

You have the basic strokes, yet who's showing you how to handle your nerves during matches, how to deal with the Diva Drama on the doubles court and how to play well with any partner?  We are!  Join us for an on court clinic and discover how to play the game every time you step on the court for a league match.


Up Next: Clinic

Start Each Point with Power and intention! This is a one-afternoon, three hour clinic for you to kick start each and every tennis point you play. Learn several plays you and your doubles partner can use for the serve (or return) and the second and third balls that follow. The game is more fun when you have a plan.


"My team just won districts and we are heading to Sectionals. This "chemistry" you coach has really come into play for my team in general, and me in particular. I am absolutely convinced, the key to my recent (and almost unprecedented) victories has been positive thinking, BREATHING, and consistent connection with my partner. We want to win, but only if we have fun doing it. "

Susan Weeks
NTRP 3.5

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Everything you need to feel fierce - every time you step onto the court.


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